Valentine’s Day is Coming Up

With this made up holiday on its way, Gent’s you better be ready to spring some sort of cool surprise for ya lady.

So I was thinking, if your hunny rides, why not get stuff from our Partners.

Did you know that Loeka sells chocolate? Yup, its true, they do. They have stuff called the Hot Chocolate Hoodie, Chocolate Bar Jerseys and more!

Here’s some a pair of their shorts and tops that Priscilla is nicely modeling.

Then there’s the Dynamic Mountain Biking Clothing company, Evomo. Not only are their stuff cool, but its also wreaking of feminine beauty!

Now you can get yourself a present for your wife/GF and spice up the relationship with a genuine shirt. Just look at me, I just brought sexy back….Now I am officially irresistible to Priscilla!

Nothing says, “I LOVE YOU” as much as a Bumble Bar. I mean c’mon, its all organic and healthy for ya. Just look at this guy, he simply loves it!

You know spending time with your woman is the best gift ever. Why not get a Torker Bermuda from RPM Cyclery for only $399! (that’s cheaper than jewelry!)

Instead of spending money on expensive wine or champagne, get some beers and open them up with the Ahren’s Bicycles Wise Cracker.

Ok ok, here’s the topper. Show her that you love her by giving her a gift that keeps on giving….chain degreaser!
The perfect degreaser that comes to mind is the Golden Degreaser by Bike Medicine!

Here’s one last gift idea. Get her some headlights. No not those you dirty minded perv. I’m talking about some Nite Riders.

Well, I hope my gift ideas gave you some inspiration for Valentine’s. If you decide to get her any of those things I mentioned, order it now!!!!!! Valentines is next week!!!!! Yikes, I better place my order for some Bumble Bars, degreaser and Chocolate from Loeka!

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