Disc Brake Quick Tune – Mountain Bikes

Fezzari Bicycles provides pretty thorough guide on how to perform a quick disc brake tune within 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Loosen Mounting Bolts where the brakes mount on the frame or fork.

Step 2 – Squeeze and hold brake lever while retightening mounting bolts

Step 3 (only if previous steps didn’t resolve rubbing noise) – Manually align pads (note: this takes a little bit of feel and patience, but your brakes will adjust great!):

1) Loosen Mounting Bolts Slightly
2) While keeping one hand by Mounting Bolts, carefully spin the wheel with the other and move the brake mechanism back and forth until it spins freely.
3) When it spins freely, hold it in place and retighten the Mounting Bolts.

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