Let There Be Light(s)!

A few days ago, Moe and I decided to go on a night ride. Moe was riding the Wonderful Woodstock 707 and I was riding the Ibex B-Series.

Moe has been testing out the PrincetonTec Switchback lights that we received a few weeks ago. The last posting he did with them shows the light mounted on his handle bar and on the helmet. That evening, Moe decided to ride with the helmet mount. All I can say is, that thing is super bright! Our cameras suck, so that means the pictures we take don’t give it any justice.

PrincetonTec Switch Back

I however, was using the Fox Fury LED head light system. At first glance I look like Levar Burton from Star Trek. Don’t know his character’s name, but it was the blind dude that had a banana clip for glasses.

The Fox Fury has 24 LED lights which makes this thing unique as well as…bright! Though it lit up my path, the light it emmited wasn’t focused. Basically the first 12 feet in a 180 degree path benefited from the lights. Don’t get me wrong, these lights are an incredible value and they work great!

You can actually wear the light on your head or mount it to your handle bar. I took a jump that night and the light fell off as soon as I landed. But no damage to the system at all. So I decided to ride with it on my head for the rest of the trip. It’s pretty comfy, but once you start sweating, the pad gets pretty itchy.

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