How to fix a creaking bottom bracket.

One of the worst things that will drive a rider crazy is the creaking noise coming out of their bottom bracket.

But mountain bikers don’t have to suffer any more, just put a little grease in there, you should be fine. Here’s how.

Once you remove the 8mm allen bolt that holds your crank arm to the bottom bracket, remove the arm by using a cotterless crank puller.

Then you’ll need a bottom bracket tool to remove the BB cups.

After the cups and the bottom bracket has been removed, take some degreaser and clean out the shell.

Then apply some grease, not just a thin coat, but a good amount. The grease wont hurt it, besides your actual bottom bracket bearings are sealed.

For good measure, grease up the threads.

Reinstall the bottom bracket.

Reinstall the crank arms. But before you do, grease it up a bit.

You’re all set! If you’re still experiencing some creaking, try greasing up your seat post. If you’re using a carbon fiber seat post, don’t use grease, use Talcum Power to get rid of the noise.

Enjoy and Go Ride!

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