Motobecane Fly Pro Test Ride

On Saturday morning I test rode the new Motobecane Fly Pro. The best way to describe this bike is….FAST! The bike only weighs 23lbs, which means you can get going pretty quickly. I’m so used to bikes that weigh 30+ pounds, so when I got on the Fly Pro, it was a major treat.

The Fly Pro is equipped with Kenda Klimax tires and at first glance I thought these tires would do well at all since it has a low profile tread patter. But it was actually just right for the Fullerton Loop. The shifting was precise, handling was light and crisp.

Though my only complaint about the bike is the stem length. Having short stubby arms, I would require at least a 90mm stem. The Fly Pro came with a 100mm which is a tad too long for me.

I’ll have a more detailed report in the next two weeks.

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I am RL Policar, Founder of Mtn Bike I am a bicycle fanatic that loves to ride. I'm a pretty good wrench as well.