Redline Mono 9 Pictures & NC

Since our server went down a couple of weeks ago, we lost a few of our pictures. Sadly some of those pictures that were lost were of the new Redline Mono 9 (Oh, and Redline’s changed the name to the D460 29er for year 2008). To make up for it, I took a couple more this weekend when I finally got in some time to ride. One picture is of us taking a break, then a couple pictures of the Redline Mono 9. I really like this bike. Keep checking back as a review will be coming soon!

Lunch Break. Due to my wife hosting a baby shower, I got to go ride. But I didn’t get to choose the time, hence a lunch break.

Redline Mono 9
Redline Mono 9, so pretty, so simple, so much FUN.

Redline Mono 9 WTB Rocket V
This shot makes me want to jump on the Mono9 and ride

Work has been really busy with October 15 being my full time job’s big deadline. After that though, I’m flying to Durham, North Carolina to visit family and hopefully hit up some local trails in the triangle. If you’re in the Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill area, this website:, seems to be a very good resource.

I’d really like to do New Light but the whole “hunting season” thing scares me even if it’s OK to ride on Sundays. If not New Light then my location and the type of riding I’d like to do probably limits me to Beaver Dam. If anybody knows of other good intermediate trails near Durham that’s worth checking out, shoot me an email (jeremy at mtnbikeriders dot com).

Anybody in that area interested in acting as a guide or just want to get together and ride? Send me an email. I’ll be in Durham and will probably be able to ride on Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning. One or possibly two mornings if the wifie/schedule lets me.