Thursday Tech Tip: SRAM X7 Rear Derailleur

On my SRAM X7 rear derailleur, I noticed that I had misplaced the nut that holds down the cable.

After searching for over half an hour for the nut in my garage floor, I decided to McGyver it. First thing you do is get an old reflector mount. This has a set of screws and nuts on it that you can use. I actually only used one of the nuts…sounds funny… 🙂

Then I took one of those things that came off a V-brake pad, can’t recall the exact name, but you see that its flat on one side.

I put it all together and voila! It works! The nut is just the right size for the derailleur screw.

So if you misplace that nut on your SRAM stuff, just try this tip!

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