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I used to be a great mountain biker until I got on my bike…

Posted by RL Policar On December - 24 - 2007

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One of my favorite things to do is watch mountain biking videos. Whether it be Kranked, New World Disorder, Roam or The Collective…I just can’t get enough of them. But here’s the dilema with these videos.

When I’m sitting there watching it, my adrenaline get’s pumping, and all I could do is fantasize about how I’m going to do the exact same thing that these guys are doing on the DVD or the Internet. So in my head, I’m actually pretty good. I’m playing out each scene into something I’d actually do myself. Basically in Roam if I see this clip…watch it between 1:20-1:26…

I somehow convince my self that I can do big drops…but one of my recent “big drops” left me to look like this…looking like a scared little girl…
santiago oaks

When I see pictures of me not looking as cool as the guys on the videos…I go back and feed my insecurity with more videos to convince myself that I can do exactly what these guys are doing…

Then I see something like this…on :59-1:04 in my head I can do that.

But once I get on my bike…and try to do a simple bunny hop over the sidewalk…what happens is just plain dumb. I usually end up pinching a flat and at the same time I ding my rim.

Perhaps I can watch more videos and keep practicing and eventually I can be come as cool as some of these guys…or could leave these cool things to the pros and keep day dreaming…it really is a vicious cycle that I put myself through…man I need to get some help…

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