Riding Solo

My kids are on spring break and they have an amazing auntie and uncle that wanted to keep them for the week, so who am I to get in the way of some family bonding? Love my kids but it sure has been nice to have so much freedom and quiet!!! =D So today instead of getting in some extra hours at work I thought I would treat myself to a little training ride out at Chino Hills.

I caught a glimpse of my froggy on my drive down to the trail and it put the biggest smile on my face! I had to share what I saw in my mirror!

This was around 430p. I know you’re jealous!!! ;D

I don’t typically ride alone but it’s hard to find someone to ride with at 4 in the afternoon. I figured I’d be alright. Aside from the most recent mountain lion (baby) sighting a few weeks ago, what trouble could I really get into while doing mostly climbing?

You know I prepared to do a ride report, hence all the pictures. But I figured I was going to have a miserable time riding alone. And I thought my article was going to be about how lonely it felt out there. But I am surprised to say that I had such a good time out there all by my lonesome!!!

Only drawback with riding by yourself. No one to take pictures!

Man, did I have the BEST time. I felt like Cinderella out there! Butterfly’s, birds, squirrels, rabbits, and lizards! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen so many critters out there! I have to admit it was a little creepy out there when I would see the bushes rustle and hear something scampering off. I would just turn on my ipod whenever I got a little too freaked out.

It felt so amazing to be out there by myself. So much quiet! I only saw two other guys out there while I was climbing. So I was free to sing and talk out loud to myself. And I took full advantage. Ha! After finishing my climb I was supposed to head on back down the way I came up, but then I saw this singletrack. I could not resist!!!!!

I hooted and hollered all the way through!!

Look at this gem!

I had so much fun riding through the singletrack. I felt like a little kid today and it felt great.I took my time just to enjoy the scenery, the nice smells and my sweet bike. It was so much fun I almost wished I had someone there to enjoy it with me…almost. 🙂

And on my drive back home an unexpected critter was found making it’s way up my leg. I wasn’t kidding about the whole Cinderella experience out there. This bugger hitched a ride home with me. RL showed up right as I was about to relocate him. And I couldn’t resist. I chased RL around the alley with my caterpillar as he screamed and yelled. Aw, it was so funny! I wish I had a picture of the horrid look on his face and his arms wailing. In case you didn’t know RL has a terrible fear of any little bug that crawls on its belly! Hehehe. It was the best way to cap off a great afternoon. Good laughs.

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