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Swiss Bike TX

Posted by RL Policar On June - 19 - 2008

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We just took recent delivery of the Swiss Bike TX. What makes this one unique is the fact it can fold. Basically it eliminates the needs for a roof or hitch rack since you can transport it in your car’s trunk or backseat.

Usually when we get bikes delivered, they come in this mondo long box. But the Swiss was in a short stubby box in which the bike was already folded inside it.

If you’ve never seen this bike before, I’m sure you’ll think that its pretty weird looking without the down tube and its double top tube.

The bike is spec’d with entry level parts and a 21speed drive train. Here’s the specs:


* Full-size bike for cruising city streets and mountain trails with 26″ standard wheels.
* Folds to 36″ x 28″ x 12″ in under thirty seconds without the use of tools.
* Compact size allows for convenient storage in a car trunk, boat, closet, or private plane.
* Limited lifetime warranty on frame.
* 21-Speed with front suspension fork and disc brake.
* Equipped with industry standard wheels and components serviceable at any bike shop.
* Patented technology not available from any other company.
* The portable nature of the bicycle allows it to be taken anywhere.


* Montague Folding Integrated Technology (F.I.T.™): Our patented seat tube folding system preserves the structural integrity and inherent strength of traditional bicycle geometry. Unlike all other folding bikes, there are no wobbly hinges and no structural tubes cut in half.
* Quick Releases: No tools are needed to fold and unfold the X-Series™ Bike. Just open one quick release lever on the top tube and remove the front wheel. Folds in under thirty seconds without tools.
* Safety Lock: Recessed drop out for quick release prevents frame from folding even with quick release not tightened.
* CLIX™ Wheel Release System: Patented pending wheel release system that allows for the easy wheel removal with only one hand.

Folding pivot

Here’s a shot of it folded, it literally takes seconds.

The bike is not necessarily a light weight, it’s pretty beefy weighing in around 32lbs.

We’ll be putting the Swiss Bike TX through the paces and see how well it does. Then after the review, we want to do a few things to the bike, you know to bling-e-fy it a bit, I’m thinking Single Speed and Sweetskinz Tires!

For more information about the Swiss Bike TX, click HERE.

9 Responses to “Swiss Bike TX”

  1. Dial Tone says:

    If that came in a 29er I’m in!

    But seriously, I wonder if its the same manufacturer for the 24-speed folding paratrooper bike here:

    I remember having an old Major Surplus catalog that had that para bike and a yellow Hummer branded folding bike.

    Both bikes are identical, even down to the pivot point with the exception of the paratrooper bike having one beefy looking top tube versus the twin tubes the Swiss bike has.

  2. RL Policar says:

    It is the same, Montague makes both bikes. In fact we have the Paratrooper, its at the Yuma Proving Grounds in Yuma, Az.

  3. Michael says:

    I have a Montague MX and it is what I use to commute to work on. It is very similar to the Swiss bike and not only is it a durable commuter but I it can keep up with my mountain bike in every way. The best thing about it is I can fold it up and put it in my cube, no more leaving it outside!!!
    SweetskinZ are in my MX’s future as well!

    RL – Any thoughts of adding a xtracycle to it?

  4. tornadoes28 says:

    With that quick folding feature and relatively cheap parts, it looks like it would be a good commuting or city bike. Does not look like it belongs on the trail. It should come equiped with street tires rather then mountain tires.

  5. Dial Tone says:

    Wouldn’t adding an xtracycle defeat the purpose of folding it to make it compact?

    I agree that a folding bike “might” not be durable enough for real trail use but I’m sure it can handle light trails the same way store bought bikes would.

  6. Just as RL mentioned, I have the Paratrooper. I’ve been using it both as a commuter and on the trail. And it hasn’t failed me yet.

    I get a lot of compliments on how it looks specially being on a military installation.

  7. RL says:

    You can definitely add an Xtracycle to it. The rear stays has a bridge that can accept it.

    The review is to find out how well it does on the trails. Swiss Bike actually make another model called the XO that has a REBA fork and SRAM XO.

  8. Michael says:

    for the xtracycle comment – I was simply referring too the fact that it might save you a little space in the garage if part of it could fold. With the components on the model RL is testing would only be rated for trails but my Montague with LX and XT components is durable enough for intermediate mtn bike courses (roots, logs, jumps, etc) It’s not light! but who’s commuter bike can do both?

  9. oilyjones says:

    I have read some comments that, “the SwissBike TX does not look as if it belongs on the trails.” As someone that has taken this bike regularly off-road, my longest sojourn being 200 miles on rough tracks, I refute such assertions. It may not be a speed-mobile, but it certainly performs well fully loaded under all conditions.

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