Rampage is back!

Not the ex-UFC light heavyweight champ, but rather the Red Bull Rampage… Ending its four year run in 2004, the Red Bull Rampage was the premier freeride event at the turn of the century.  Many may have seen DVD movies and pictures as this was a widely covered event.  Held near Virgin, Utah, many professional downhillers and freeriders flocked to the Rampage.  The likes of Cedric Gracia, Kyle Strait, Andrew Shandro, Thomas Vanderham, Wade Simmons, Josh Bender and Robbie Bourdon, just to name a few… were all competing.  This year there are about two-dozen invited guests.



Scheduled to take place in October 2nd – 5th, once again the hi-flyers and risk takers will make their way to Utah.  For more information, go to www.redbullrampage.com.