Interbike 2008: Joe Solancho-Professional Action Sports Photographer

If you all didn’t know, Joe “mamma jamma” Solancho was our photographer for Interbike 2008. I’ve seen Joe’s pro work on his website JS3Images and he’s got a pretty impressive resume. He’s shot photos for Nathan Rennie, Brian Lopes and many more.

If you’ve seen our Flickr gallery, then you’ll see the quality work he does. Before the show, I had bought some new aviator glasses since I had lost my last pair. This time I wanted to add some flair to my aviators, rather than getting the gold frame and dark lenses, I went with silver frames and silver lenses. At the show we were hanging out at the Media Center and I had asked Joe if he does portraits, he confidently said, “(expletive)…Please!”

So here are my exclusive JS3Images Photoshoot in Vegas….

Heck he even took one of Moe…

Joe has some style…one of my favorite photos he took was of the Niner WFO.

So if you’re interested in having Joe snap photos of you send your requests to

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