Customize your bike for about $6

So here’s a super cheap and fun way to quickly add some pizazz to your bike.

Get yourself some engine or brake caliper enamel from your local auto parts store. I chose a funky green. I would have preferred pink to match the theme of my bike.

Then I removed my caliper and rotor. I made sure I taped off part of the rotor where the prongs met the brake surface for accuracy.

I followed it up with a full tape job.

I then disassembled my caliper, removing the pads and I cleaned up with a degreaser. After taping off some of the moving parts, I started to paint!

I also pained the inside of the rotor. I used a bottle to to allow it to lay flat, but not so the other side would be touching the surface.

It took a few coats of paint, but I think the final result looks pretty good.

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