18th Annual Southridge Challenge Final race of 2009

This weekend is our final race of 2009 with Southridge. Donny Jackson and his crew have done an incredible job in providing an awesome venue, atmosphere and professionalism that is way better than any other race organization I’ve ever seen.

Races will be held on Saturday for XC and Super D. Then Sunday will be DH, a 1 run format. Through out the year, you accumulate points for the races you’ve entered. Some of our racers have already locked in their positions to earn a championship for 2009. But for others, its a close race. Joe Solancho is planning on dominating his field in Super D. He’ll be out there this weekend making sure that he takes the win. Eric Hunner is pretty close in the SS 34under. But after seeing his last two races, we’re pretty confident that he’ll come out on top.

Saturday is also the conclusion of the Triple Crown, in which our team has worked really hard for. Priscilla is currently tied with her competitor for 1st place. I know she wants to win this next race bad, but that the same time, she doesn’t want to get hurt since she’s leaving for Taiwan on Tuesday. So its up in the air if she’s going to be gung-ho about it or just take it easy.

I have to give some props to David Sanderson. This guy has been working super hard and it shows. His training rides and his technical prowess on the trail is fantastic. He’s going to pull a double duty by racing XC and DH. With his technical abilities, and his fitness level, I’m sure he’ll do really well.

If you happen to be in the area either Saturday or Sunday. Come on out and watch some racing. It really is fun and watching the Pros in DH is just amazing. Those guys are like super heros on bikes, the stuff they do…aye.

Anyhow, wish our team some luck and pray for safety for all of the riders there.

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