Cold/Wet Weather Riding Tip

I can’t recall who exactly gave us this tip, it might have been Kim Finch. But if you’re riding in the cold or in wet weather. Put on a pair of nitrile gloves before you slip on your riding gloves.

The latex helps prevent cold air or water from touching your skin which in turn cause your hands to go numb. From what I can remember, the whole team was practicing this tip during the Winter Series, and guess what, it helped!

Here’s another tip. Plastic bags for your feet. Now this may not be something new. But it certainly is effective. All you gotta do is grab a plastic bag place it over your feet/socks. Then put on your shoes. You can tape, or cut out the excess and you’re ready to roll.

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I am RL Policar, Founder of Mtn Bike I am a bicycle fanatic that loves to ride. I'm a pretty good wrench as well.