Plan your race calendar now.

Last night Priscilla and I sat down and scheduled our races for the next few months. We wanted to make sure that our races don’t conflict with family plans, church events and kid stuff.

Luckily Kim Finch gave us a list of mountain biking races and events for 2010. With that in hand we were able to pick and choose from the list of races. What’s cool about doing this calendar was how Priscilla wanted to make sure I got some downhill races in.

One her main goals this year is to try new venues and different trails to race at. So that means she’ll probably focus more on races outside of Southridge. There are some events that will take her to San Diego, Santa Ynez and Big Bear.

So if you’re thinking about racing this year, make sure you sit down with your significant other and plan things out. That way there’s no surprises on the schedules and etc.

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