Lezyne Svelte Trail Use Review

My first initial review of this bag was published June 18th and since then I have been able to do a few rides with it. For reference you can read my first impressions Here. The bags features are extensive and very well thought out. Lezyne has a knack for taking a mundane routine item and putting an esthetic and functional twist on it. The results are finely crafted, functional and visually appealing products that scream “I’m a discerning MTB’r”.

I rode with the bag across typical cross country routes that included fire road climbs, single track descents and water crossings. The bag performed as expected and without any problems as expected while wearing it. I rode without the removable waist belts and at first did not notice much of a difference. While riding Turnbull, a section of trail has these “humps” (for lack of a better term) that quickly force rider and bike skywards but not in a jump style, you know what I mean? Anyway, riding over the humps the bag and all its contents would shoot upwards and I could physically feel the bag leave my back and then come back down. I’m guessing the original idea of removable waist belts was so the bag could be used on shorts hikes or as a day pack, either way the waist belt is going back on and I suggest leaving them on for all mtb’rs.

Water Break

Only a couple of things stuck out at me as needing slight modifications. The first being the storage compartment zippers. Although the large zipper pulls worked wonderfully, I did get the zipper itself stuck on an inside flap causing all zipper operation to cease; I had to institute the help of my wife to get it unstuck. What a pain that would be trail side! The other thing I struggled with was the threaded hydration tube. The tube actually screws into the bladder rather than snap in as is the common method. This made removing the entire bladder and tube together a necessity rather than an option. On the latter style, I simply unplug the tube from the bladder, fill it up and re-insert it into the bag. With the Lezyne bladder, if you unscrew the tube from the bladder, all contents from the bladder will come spilling out.

Pack with XC helmet strapped on

Overall the bag has been very good. It has worn well, lets my back breathe and organization is very cool, you don’t waste time digging for a particular tool, you just go straight to the designated pocket.
The bag has held up well to the elements including sun, mud and water. I imagine it would take a very long time to reveal any material deficiencies. I have received more than a few compliments on the bags style and visual attributes. I will continue to wear the bag and will report back any unexpected problems. Good job Lezyne, keep up the good work!

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