Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I was talking to Team Racer, Mark Tomas this morning about something I had heard about him through another friend. Rumors had it that when T Mark lines up at the races, and the buzzer goes off, he instantly turns into something he’s normally not…. So I wanted to see if these rumors were true, and sure enough, Mark confirmed them.

Hammer Time!

One thing you have to understand, Mark on normal day, is a mild mannered, God fearing Hit man For Hire. In fact he’s probably one of the nicest guys I have ever met. So when I heard about the rumor…I just couldn’t believe it.
Bonelli 10/16/10
He then explained to me that he’s not sure what it is that he goes through when he’s racing. It’s like a switch gets turned on, then his alter ego, THE HAMMER takes over. During the race The Hammer is nothing like Mark. He becomes super competitive and down right aggressive. People have even compared him to the Hulk…

So later on I was talking to Priscilla, who also is a Team Racer and happens to be my fantastic wife, about the conversation with Mark. She responds…”Doesn’t everyone become like that?” I responded by saying, “Not me? If anything, I become super calm as soon as I get out of the gate…”

I guess everyone is different when they are racing, how about you? Do you turn into the Hulk or do you become giddy when you race or ride?

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