Family fun at The Fullerton Loop

Now that “The Moe” has retired from racing, what is he up to now??? I’m back to my roots, per se. See, I was never much of a real racer, I’m more of a “relax vibe” type of rider, the type of riders that enjoys nature (yeah, sounds corny, so what) and hanging around a bunch of swell guys and girls.


Instead of battling pepper spraying “competitive shoppers” I decided to take my two girls to the The Fullerton Loop and ride along with our mountain biking buddies. What made this trip really fun was the type of riders that joined the group; from a SS (Super Stud) racer like Dan to a pair of pre-teens on their first full loop ride and a 8 year old “hanging for her dear life” on the back of my Xtracycle.


We all had a blast that day, yeah, it took us quite a bit of time to do the entire loop. In fact, while we did one lap, one of the leading racers of the Tour de Tryptophan did 3 laps! It was all good, we were not in a hurry and we were all having fun.


We had a couple of “firsts” on this ride, it was my daughter Lizzy and RL and Priscilla’s daugther Aleah’s first time doing the entire loop. For those not familiar with the Fullerton Loop, it is a mild 11 mile trail in the heart of the city of Fullerton. It was also my first time doing the entire loop on the Xtracycle with my youngest daughter in the back.

Although the ride took a bit longer than we are used to, we all took the time to coach and cheer on the first timers and the young girls. Most of us were exhausted at the end of the ride, even the one that didn’t do any pedaling!


I hope to do this more often, sharing the sport I love with my family and friends just makes it more enjoyable.