Sounds like your wife revoked your Man Card

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Recently I met up with an old friend who used to ride quite often. It’s been about 5 years since we last saw each other and when we met up, he asked me if I still rode. I replied and told him about my outing that same morning with Lady P. I then asked him if he still rode. Before he could respond, his head looked down and said with a disappointed tone, “No, I don’t even have a bike anymore.” Then he went on about how he’s so busy with work that he just didn’t have time then and how he doesn’t have time now. I replied by saying, “dude, something has to give. You need to make some changes so you can be sane and healthy.” Before he could respond, his wife jumps into the conversation about her husband can’t ride because he’s too busy for work and that will NOT be riding because of work. She basically killed any ideas he may have gotten about riding in the near future that very moment. I think what bothered me the most is this…Wives should be more understanding that Men have this built in NEED to do gnarly stuff. It’s engrained in us to do cool things that remind us that we’re MEN! I don’t care if you’re some Gamer Nerd or Physicist, you too need to get natural angst out!

But when a woman kills that in a man, it really bugs me. Call me blessed to have a wife who completely understands this, but even when Lady P and I were dating back in high school, she encouraged me to go do stupid things with my friends. Now as a married couple, she still does this for me. What sucks about women like my friend’s wife, is that she has made him domesticated. Nothing wrong with a man who is prim and proper, but he will have needs to go do something fun or even dangerous just to help him be in touch with his manly side. You know what else happens to men who are domesticated, they become sissies and wimps who drink Orange Mocha Frappuccinos, then their wives end up complaining to their friends about how her husband is not “Man enough.” Ugh…

Back to my friend, wow. Not only was I surprised by the wife’s response, but I felt really bad for him because you can tell that he is itching to go ride, but because of his “work” she won’t let him. Ugh…lame if you ask me. Anyhow, if you’re one of those poor fellas that has a wife like that, yikes, I feel sorry for you. But see if you can work something out. Heck get her into mountain biking, perhaps that will change her tone about it and because of if it, she may give you back your Man Card.

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