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Betting for Beers

If you ever raced downhill or XC with your buddies then you may want to start a wager. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say your group of riding friends are…


Guy shows up to a technical trail with a hard tail is a total bad ass

Ken Crouch, a local mountain biker shows up to a group ride with a hard tail 29er. Everyone in the group brought out their 5″-6″ travel trail/All Mountain bikes. Some…


Mountain bikes are expensive!

So recently I’ve been in the market for a new mountain bike. But I balked at the idea that a mountain bike can cost as much as motorcycle or a…


Clickity click…click…slip click

So you’re out riding, and you put some force down on the pedals and clickity slip! Ugh. You try again, but click…clickity slip! From my experience that usually means my…

Young group of men who are bullying one of them.

If we make fun of you, it means we like you

Over the years we’ve had some friends come through the thickness of The Moe and I were pretty much the ring leaders of our group rides. He and I…


Look what I got for Christmas!

Alright so here’s something totally unrelated to mountain biking. The Moe got me a super cool present for Christmas! This here is a mini oak barrel. The purpose is to…

marin palisades 29er

Build Update

As you may have read from my previous POST, my bike broke and I bought a new frame. I found a Marin Palisades 29er on closeout from Ebay for about…


Duct tape won’t be able to fix this

Let’s cut to the chase. Here’s my busted frame. This was my Titus Rockstar 29 Alloy. The unique part about this bike was it had a carbon rear triangle. I…


Evan Williams Bourbon Review

This past year I’ve gotten into whiskey. In fact for my 40th birthday I hosted a Cigar and Whiskey Social at a nearby cigar lounge. I don’t drink much, but…


Trying to get the bug back

A few months ago I posted a little heart to heart article on me saying that I won’t be riding for a while and etc. Well things have gotten better….