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Camping With KMX

Posted by Randy Policar On November - 7 - 2007

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This past weekend, I took my family out camping. We camped out by Mitry Lake just outside Yuma, Arizona. We got to do some fishing, roasted some marsh mallows, and even got to do a bit of off road action on the KMX Kart. We had so much fun that we plan on camping again this upcoming long weekend. But this time around, I’ll have to bring a couple of mountain bikes instead of the KMX. I saw some sick looking trails that’s just begging to be ridden.

New Product Received: KMX Kart, ST Class

Posted by RL Policar On April - 9 - 2007

The folks of KMX Karts sent us another kart to perform a review on. This baby is known as the ST Class.

Here’s the specs:

ST-Class Kart*

7-speed Adult Sports Trike with all-terrain wheels & tires

A Quality New Adult Sports Trike At An Amazing Price

The ST Class Features

Award winning Winzip disk brakes on all 3 wheels
Balanced front brakes from a single brake lever
Park brake on rear wheel which also allows for easy upright storage
Radical sports seat design, allowing for greater range of upper body movement for off road riding
Ackerman and Center point Steering
Frame is Powder coated Hi Carbon Steel Box with Aluminum front boom
Award winning Microshift rear Derailleur

MSRP $849.00, shipping included *

Click Here to learn more about the ST Class. We’ll be testing this bad boy out and posting a review soon enough.


KMX X Class Down Hill Fun

Posted by RL Policar On April - 3 - 2007

action082-1.jpgA few weeks ago a few friends from church and I headed up to our friend’s cabin for a weekend retreat. I took along the KMX X Class with me to have a little fun. So check this out, there were 6 grown men ages range from 29-42 that took turns riding the X Class down the side of the hill.

The video doesn’t do the KMX justice. When you’re riding that thing, it feels like you’re going faster than it looks. By the way, watch for the guy in the burgundy hoodie, that’s me…and I get hurt. Basically what happened was, I took the KMX further up the hill thinking that I can have more fun. But you’ll see in the video that I loose control.

We only had a small strip of ground to ride on, so we all had to hit the brakes as soon as we passed the finish line, which was the trash can. Otherwise we would have ended up falling off the road since there’s a 15 ft drop across the street.

KMX Karts Workstand

Posted by RL Policar On March - 19 - 2007

One of the problems I’ve had when needing to work on the KMX is the fact that I can’t really place it on a workstand to do any type of maintenance. I’ve tried working on the KMX while its on the ground, on its side, or upside down. But all that takes a toll on my back and knees.

So I grabbed my saw horses and placed the KMX Kart(s) on them and it works just great!

The KMX ST Class on my saw horses.


4 Wheeled KMX Kart

Posted by RL Policar On February - 14 - 2007

Check this out. I found this pic from a KMX Karts group in Yahoo.

Quad KMX Kart


KMX K Class Kontest

Posted by RL Policar On February - 12 - 2007

This morning I gathered some of the neighborhood kids to have a little contest to see who can get the best time when doing 2 laps on my front yard.

We had 4 boys and 5 girls. Each of them were competing for some cool prizes such as a brand new Sweetskinz t-shirt, candy and some delicious Bumble Bars.

The boys went first and some of the best times we got was 2 laps in about 39 seconds. The girls were much faster by clocking in the low 30s.

At the end, we had an elimination round between the 1st place boy and girl as well as the 2nd place boy and girl. The prize for this elimination was some sour straw candies..mmmm!

After that heat was done and over with, my two older girls won the contest. Alyssa came in at 36 seconds and Breanna who was second place earlier, beat Alyssa’s time by coming in at 35 seconds!

The kids really enjoyed riding the KMX K Class. I have to establish rules to make sure none of them fight over it. All of the neighborhood kids come over when they see my kids riding it around.

One of the most memorable times in today’s event was one of the boys actually didn’t know how to ride a bike. But he was able to do really well on the KMX!

Check out the video from todays festivities!


New Product: KMX K-CLASS

Posted by RL Policar On February - 9 - 2007

Today we received the KMX K-CLASS. I suppose the “K” stands for KIDS, since this recumbent trike is made for kids.

Here’s the specs:

The K Class Features

* Self energizing front hub brakes
* Powerful V Brake on the rear
* Balanced front brakes from a
single brake lever
* Park brake on rear wheel which
also allows for easy upright storage
* Compatible with standard BMX parts
for easy upgrades
* Stylish Nylon Mag Wheels
* Ackerman and Center point Steering
* Frame is Powder coated Hi Carbon
Steel Box with Chromed front boom
* Tires are KMX’s own brand heavy
duty compound
* Wheels 20″ Rear Mag Wheel,
12″ Front Mag wheels
* Chainset is a 7-speed Shimano
derailleur, with full chain tube set

What’s cool is the K-CLASS can fit each of my kids without a problem. My children are from ages 5-11 and if you adjust the front boom (cranks) and move the seat around the K-CLASS can accommodate the littlest riders to the the taller ones.

Aleah, the smallest rider, can fit right in.

Breanna, the middle sized one out of my kids fits just right.

Alyssa, the tallest of them, sits in there just fine.

Just to show you how cool the KMX K-CLASS is, I made a video from today’s fun with the kids.


Update: KMX Off-Road Tires Installed

Posted by RL Policar On February - 7 - 2007

The folks of KMX KARTS sent me this really beefy Panaracer Fire tire for the rear wheel.

It’s 24×2.4, man that’s bigger than any of my tires. Kinda reminds me of a dirt bike tire.

Then I picked up some Kenda BMX tires for the front to get some extra traction.

I tested the rear tires on my lawn, oh talk about grabbing! That rear wheel dug right into the ground and took chunks of the grass out with it! Man I can’t wait to see how this does on the single track.


Pimp My Ride: KMX Style

Posted by RL Policar On January - 29 - 2007

I decided to pimp out my favorite three wheeled vehicle, the KMX Kart: X-Class with some accessories to make my ride even better.

First I mounted the Active Tunes i-Ride

Attached a Garmin Rhino 120 GPS/Radio, that way I can’t get lost and call for help at the same time!

Mounted the Fossil Fool Down Low Glow Neon Kit

Attached a 12 Watt Dual Beam Halogen Cygolite Rover on the bottom bracket

Mounted the batteries under the seat

Here’s how it looks with the neon in the dark

Last but not least, a DVD player…

Now I’m ready to cruise the streets and trail in style!


Test Ride: KMX Kart X-Class

Posted by RL Policar On January - 25 - 2007

Today was another hard day in the office. I had to go test ride the KMX Kart in parts of the Fullerton Loop.

I tested out my DIY Helmet Cam and filmed my little excursion. YouTube quality sucks but here’s some vids to give you an idea.

I even met some horse lovers and we chit chatted for a few minutes about trail etiquette. They actually just wanted their horses to see the KMX so it won’t get spooked next time I ride through the trails.

The KMX Kart is very exhilarating! I haven’t had this much fun on wheels in a long time. I love how I can power slide or drift (same thing) into the corners like a rally car. The only complaint I have would be the Maxxis Hookworm tires, they’re made for the road not for trails. But luckily KMX is sending us some off-road tires pretty soon. Other than that, it’s a blast!


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