Ibex B-Series Maiden Ride

On Sunday morning Moe and I headed out for a quick morning ride to test out the Gary Fisher Cobia and the Ibex B-Series Build Up Bike

Here’s the B-Bike entering the stream

Action shots

I just love those Sweetskinz Nightwing tires

Yeah it climbs like a goat. No flexing what so ever.

It can handle sweet jumps as well. Moe and I spent some time at the Fullerton Loop Secret Jump site…It’s a secret thats why I won’t say exactly where it is.

What we didn’t get in the pictures was me eating it during a short downhill section where my front tire hit some loose dirt and made me wash out. Don’t worry the bikes was ok!

So far the Ibex B-Series bike has been a very reliable bike. We did outfit the B Bike with some sweet stuff like XTR drive train, TruVativ Cranks and Hayes disc brakes as well as other schnazzy parts. But the frame is top notch, no flexing, no cracks or any problems at all. In fact with the crazy Sweetskinz tires and the bright orangey-red paint scheme, the bike attracts so much attention. People’s reactions are pretty funny. First they’re not sure what they’re looking at, but eventually they say to themselves…”COOOOL!”


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