Night Ridin’

Last night Moe, Prscilla and my self hit the trails for a bit of night ridin’.

Since my camera sucks, pictures I took just didn’t do too well at night.

Check out Moe’s Neon lined Camelback.

Here’s Priscilla and I.

As you can tell, I’m using the Ibex B Series Bike with a pair of prototype SweetSkinz tires…check out how they reflect!

Yeah just ignore my gut and pay attention to the bike…

We did about 5 miles. Since this was Priscilla’s first night ride we decided to take it easy. But I think she’s ready for the tougher 12 miler ride…at night! At one point she was leading the ride and it she kept up a good pace. You know it’s tough enough to ride at night, but to ride at an average speed of 18mph on flats is pretty darn good. I just wanted to say, Great Job Priscilla!

RL Policar

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