For the past few days the temperature has been in the single digits. With the wind chill factor it fell as low as 16 below zero. Pretty darn cold if you ask me. Today it warmed up to about 27 degrees. The wind was still blowing but not as hard so I decided to go out for a ride.

Randy Chillin

Behind me is the mighty Susquehanna River. It’s amazing to see a river this size frozen. In the picture above, I am standing about 3 feet from shore. There were chunks of ice about 4 inches thick. I was told that it was sufficient to hold a person’s weight. But knowing my luck and my fat arse, I’d fall right through. To stay warm, I wore a pair of gloves with liner, Gaiter neck, cotton shirt, sweat shirt, sweat pants, wind breaker bottom, two wind breaker tops, and steel toe shoes. I found that steel toe shoes keep the heat in and prevent the cold air from freezing your toes.

Ice cold

Check out how think that ice is.

Besides my fingers being cold, this was a very enjoyable ride. I guess I’m need of a better pair of gloves. Any suggestions?