Woodstock 707 Moe’s first impression

Mountain Biking

Since RL is riding the K2 and the Cobia needed a seatpost, I asked RL to lend me the Woodstock 707. I rode the Woodstock 505 a long while ago, I recall that the geometry of the bike was not really suitable for my style of riding.

I didn’t have a chance to adjust the 707 to my liking, but when I got on the bike, the bike cockpit felt really comfortable. RL set the suspension for his weight, I am now about 20lbs lighter than he is so the suspension felt really stiff. I didn’t mind the rear suspension being as stiff, it really helped me climb with no bobbing. The descent was a little different, I still liked the way the bike went downhill, except that I really felt the stiffness of the ride. Geometry for me is the most important thing about a bike, after all, the rest of the parts can be changed. I will set up the suspension for my weight next time we go out, stay tuned for my update.

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