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One of the problems with taking pictures while biking is that you normally have to bring your point & shoot digital camera because you can’t protect your digital slr. With a point & shoot, you can always wrap extra clothing around it just in case you fall on it. But with a digital slr, size limits what you can put around the camera.

Camera Armor has solved that problem with its line of armor for digital slr’s. MSRP: $49.95

Here is a blurb from their website:

The Toughest Protection for your camera: We custom design each of our cases to fit the camera like a glove. All controls and access points are still accessible and you can use your camera at a moments notice. No more missed photographs trying to get your camera out of its case.

* Ruggedized custom fit protection
* Clear Polycarbonate Lens protects the LCD
* Rubberized Comfort for ergonomic shooting
* Bonus Lens guard will fit most lenses up to 85mm
* Corners and Lenses protected by impact resistant material
* Compatible with most tripods and accessories

Camera Armor sent armor for my Nikon D70s to test. Here are some pictures of the digital slr encased in the camera armor.

Just a few quick first impressions:
– the packaging is first rate. It’s nice and neat which gives you the feeling that you are purchasing something that is first rate as well.
– the armor for the slr is made out of a tough material. It seems to be very durable yet flexible. It easily fit over my slr for a custom fit.
– I’m still able to use all of my controls, even the ones that are covered by the armor.
– I can access the battery & memory card without having to take off the armor

I’m looking forward to testing camera armor. My digital slr will now be accompanying me on the trail with only Camera Armor & my camelbak to protect it. Keep checking back for updates and a full review.

Check out their website here.

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