Product Review: VeloTees

You all may remember how I brought sexy back with my genuine VeloTees Cycling Shirt.

1 Bike, 1 Geer, Many Beers!

I think anyone can bring sexy back, but it’s easier to do it with an authentic Velo Tees Cycling shirt.

To be honest with you, I’m not quite sure how to review a Tshirt. But to keep it short and simple…here goes.

From the website:

Here at VeloTees, we pride ourselves on producing the highest level of quality cycling apparel in the industry, and it all begins with a premium quality shirt. We use EXCLUSIVELY Hanes Beefy-Ts for our imprinting. These are Hanes top-of-the-line t-shirts, and it shows. These shirts are ring-spun for unsurpassed softness. You don’t generally see this level of quality Tee used in our industry. The quality, and softness of these shirts is second to none. These high-quality cycling shirts are more expensive for us to make, but they are worth every extra penny.

Most others in the industry use cheaper shirts that shrink up terribly, and look worn out after only a few washes. You can put this worry aside when ordering apparel from us. Even some standard t-shirts that you’ll find on other t-shirt sites just aren’t good enough for us. Shirts such as the Hanes Heavyweight, Hanes Tagless, Gildon Heavyweight, as well as anything from Fruit of the Loom, or JERZEES … well … they just aren’t good enough for
us, or you!

We ONLY use screen printing (plastisol) inks for our imprinting to insure that you will have a long-lasting, and vibrant imprint on your shirt. Although it’s more expensive to use this technology, plastisol has proven to look better, and last longer, and feel better than any other ink in the business. You’ll get a very soft feel, and your imprint will look as good after the 100th wash as it did after the first wash. Some others in the industry use cheap ink-jet iron-on transfers for their shirts. This method is cheap, and the look is even cheaper. You’ll never have to worry about this when ordering your quality plastisol imprinted shirt from us.

In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with our product for ANY reason, we will refund for shirts purchased provided they have not been warn, washed, and it is within 30 days of your order date. The quality of our product speaks for itself, and affords us the opportunity to offer such a refund policy. YOUR SATISFACTION is our #1 concern!

So Velo Tees basically said that their shirt are made with premium shirts and the best screen printing techniques. I’ve had this shirt for a while now and its apparent that I wear it because it has its occasional stains, some are even permanent. But out of all of the washes I put it through, it has never shrunk, faded nor has the graphics ever peeled off.

If you ask me, this is a good quality shirt that should last you a while. I felt very comfortable in it, the bright yellow shirt makes me visible on the streets when I’m riding my fixed gear, I felt that I was clothed adequately when wearing my Velo Tees and finally, I felt proud to let people know that I am a fixed gear fanatic!

For a shirt that costs $19.99 and it has your personality on it, heck I think that’s a good deal! If you’re not a fixie rider, just check out all of their other shirts. They’ve got tons for roadies, mountain bikers and commuters.


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