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Priscilla and I have an affinity for night riding. We got at least once a week and always have a great time. This week I wanted to mix it up a bit. So I brought out my Ibex Alpine with the Xtracycle attached.

Xtracycle with my neon light, just for kicks.
Ibex xtracycle

Using the Ibex/Xtracycle got some good attention on the trails. In fact while we were leaving these two guys started asking me all about it. So I gave them breakdown on the benefits and features of the product.

Here’s both Ibex’s at the parking lot.

Priscilla and I on the trail…yeah I know its a dark photo…its because it was night time.

Here’s an action shot of Priscilla coming down one of the hills….she’s super cool!

RL Policar

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