First Impressions: Digital Hero 3 took possession of the Go Pro Digital Hero 3 Sports Wrist Camera (DH3). The DH3 is a 3 megapixel camera that takes single shot, burst shots, video and has a timer option.

The DH3 is especially unique, not because of the camera so much but more so because of the case that the camera fits in. The case protects the camera (much better than the cases you buy for most point and shoot digicams) making it more rugged and trail worthy. The wrist strap are comfortable and keep the DH3 in place while the 2 buttons are easily accessible for quick shooting or filming.

Camera outside of its casing

Here are the specs from the website:

First Impressions:
– Love the case that holds the camera: solid, clear and waterproof.
– You do need to read the directions before using it, but once you understand what the buttons do, the DH3 is pretty user friendly.
– When you download pictures to your pc, you have to make sure the DH3 stays on. Found this out the hard way.
– For having just two buttons, the DH3 has a lot of programming functions. Other than switching from single shot, burst shots, video and timer, the DH3 can also delete one picture or multiple pictures at a time as well as set up the power settings.
– I took it out on my morning ride. The straps are comfortable especially the soft rubber-ish like part that is between the camera and the wrist. The velcro straps are wide and do not allow for sliding around.
– For the most part, I did not notice the extra weight on my wrist. On my morning ride, I took a few shots of the Dahon Fuego I was riding. I’ll upload those later.

Soft rubber-ish area goes upwards when slipping your hand into the straps

We only have 30 days to review the Go Pro Digital Hero 3, so I’ll be wearing this a lot! If you see me with this out on the trails make sure to stop me and I’ll take a quick picture of you and your bike.

My wife modeling the DH3. She has especially dainty wrists, but the camera still fits.

For more info on the Go Pro Digital Hero 3 Sports Wrist Camera click here.

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