Almost All Mountain

One of my favorite bikes is the Woodstock 707. I love how this bike rides. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to lean too far forward on my bike. Some would say that is how XC riders ride.

But for me, having short stubby arms, I require an All Mountain set up. You’ve seen it with long travel bikes where the rider sits at a more upright position. The 707 that we have is a small, but its rather perfect for Moe, Priscilla and myself. Priscilla is about 5’6″ and Moe and I, on a good day about 5’7″.

Going back to the All Mountain Set up. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m guessing the rear suspension travel is about 4 inches, and it’s stock Manitou Axel was at 100mm (4 inches). With the stock set up, the bike is considered a cross country bike. But with the aid of a new Marzocchi Bomber fork that has 5 inches, I’m able to get pretty close to that “All Mountain” feel that I’ve been looking for.

The Woodstock 707 really is a fun bike, if you lower the seat before going down hills, you’ve got yourself a bike that can not only take on the trails, but its easy to handle.

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