How To: Change Rotors

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Since we got the new Dirty Dog rotors, I decided to do a quick & easy “how to” on changing rotors. I only do “quick & easy” how to’s so this was right up my alley!

I chose the Dragon rotor. They look so SWEET!

First thing you do is take off your wheel. For most of us, it is just as simple as opening the quick release and pulling the wheel off the fork.

Next, take a T25 torx wrench and start unscrewing the bolts that hold rotor to the wheel. I like to loosen all of the bolts a little then take them all off afterwards.

If you have a rag, wipe off the accumulated dirt where the rotor mounts to the wheel. Next take your new rotor and match up the rotation direction with the correct rotating direction of the wheel. I used my tire as my rotation direction guide.

Now hand tighten each bolt. After the first bolt has been hand tightened, tighten the bolt directly across from it (not the one next to it). Keep hand tightening the bolt directly across from the previous one until all of them are hand tightened.

Afterwards, use a T25 torx wrench and repeat the step above remembering to go across after each bolt is screwed in. Torque only about 55 in-lbs. Since I didn’t have a torque wrench, I just torqued until it was a little past snug. Be careful not to tighten too much and accidentally strip the bolts!

Lastly, put the tire back on the fork, tighten the quick release and hop on the bike for a spin. Make sure to apply your brakes and turn your cranks at the same time. This drags your pads across the new rotor to begin the break-in process.

Step back and check out your handywork.

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