Are your udders chafed or chapped?

Mine were! That’s why I got this little tub of Udderly Smooth.

The directions state that I have to make sure my udder and teat parts are thoroughly washed. Then I apply to my udder after each milking. Making sure I massage it into my skin.

I remember seeing this product featured in may cycling magazines since I was a kid. Then recently I saw it at my local Trader Joe’s. I figured I’ll give it a try, its not like it was expensive either, about $5.

I generously apply this stuff on my butt and balls…yes I said it…right before my ride. Depending on how long the ride was, I’d then apply it after the ride. But ofcourse that’s after taking a shower…I have to make sure my udder is clean.

I’ve even applied to my dry feet. Makes them feel nice and soft! Anyhow, I really enjoy using this product and I’d totally recommend it! C’mon your udders need some TLC!

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