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I’ve decided to incorporate some road riding in order to get in better shape. So the night before my first road ride, I pumped up my front tire to about 40psi. Normally I run them in the low 30’s, but I didn’t need the extra traction so out came the pump.

After pumping up the front tire to 40psi, I moved to the back tire to pump the rear up as well. I pushed the tire to 40 psi and I took a step back to admire the change. Then… BOOM!

To put it mildly, it scared the crap out of me. My wife, who was in the kitchen, said it scared her too. I immediately looked at the rear tire since I just finished pumping it up. It looked fine. I checked the front tire and it was completely flat. After I took the tire off, I found this mess:

Yeah, that used to be my front tube.

I began to consider if I could patch it up … j/k.

By the way the 29er did a good job on my ride. I tell you there is nothing the 29er doesn’t do well.

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