Raxter Rack Update

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This is just a quick update on the Raxter Rack (a full review will be forthcoming). It’s been a little over a month since we took delivery of the Raxter rack and it is time for a quick update on where it’s been and how it is doing.

About two weeks ago Moe took the Raxter rack on a 2,000+ mile trip from southern California to Boulder, Colorado. On this trip Moe decided to take along his brand new (purchased the weekend before) Trek Remedy. Moe was confident that the Raxter Rack would be able to take the abuse dished out over such a long trip and bring his bike back in one piece. The Raxter Rack performed perfectly and did in fact bring the bike back in mint condition.

Interestingly enough, Moe did have other hitch mount racks to choose from yet none of them seemed as sturdy and well designed as the Raxter was. Hence Moe’s choice of the Raxter rack to take his brand new bike on a very long trip.

Raxter Rack strap fray
Nylon strap fray

We have run into one small issue over the short time we’ve had the rack. One of the straps used to secure the bike started to fray at the end. A simple (and fun) fix was applied by utilizing a lighter. Yup, fire! I used the lighter to burn the end of the nylon strap and this resulted in a clean fix. In fact it was such a nice fix that I proceeded to do this to all 8 straps. No more straps fraying for our Raxter rack.

Raxter Rack strap fray fix
Easy fix, just apply fire!

We’ll be putting more miles on the Raxter Rack to give you a full review. Continue to check back here for that review coming soon.

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