Biking in Yuma, Arizona

This past weekend Randy and Soraya invited us up for a couple of days (ok, ok, we really invited ourselves, hehehe). I’ve only been to Arizona once (Lake Havasau) so we were really excited to visit. We left Friday and after 5.5 long hours (kids slept through most of it though –very nice) we arrived on base in Yuma, AZ. We of course had to get some “mountain� biking in at the local trails. I say “mountain� biking because it wasn’t your typical terrain out there. Dirt, rocks, and more rocks. All desert baby! Oh yeah, and did I mention it was 90 degrees before 7am? Yeah, we thought we’d do our best to beat the heat. Here are a few fun shots-

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We had a really great time! The terrain was tougher but it still works! The main drawback in this area was all the cliffs. We had to be creative with getting around the steep drops. And all I could think as I was jamming down the hillsides was if I fall all these rocks are really going to hurt…ouch.

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We are happy to report though that we had no mishaps. And we didn’t melt! Hahaha. The dry heat out there was a nice change from the humid heat we get out here in California. It was a lot of fun riding out there and we’re looking forward to visiting more trails out there soon! Thanks for hosting the ride Randy, good times!

The base out there has just about everything you can think of! Bowling alley, parks, gym, stores, café, gas station, huge pool, water park; it was like it’s own little community! And of course what better way to beat the heat then with some water!!!

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We ended our trip with a little site seeing. They had some big guns for us to play with out there!

Cool Slideshows!

You know what I am thinkin?!?! MTNBIKERIDERS ROAD TRIP!!!! 😀


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