This is just a quick update since it’s been about a month since I took possession of the Mono 9. After adapting to riding rigid and the lack of a granny gear, I’ve really come to like this bike a lot.

When I first found out I was going to be riding a rigid 1×9, I was worried that I’d miss my suspension and little front chainring. However, I’ve actually come to enjoy not having those comforts.

Riding without suspension has made me do a couple of things differently. I now run my tires at a lower pressure then if I had suspension. This allows the tires to become my suspension. It’s minimal but still helpful. After lots of experimentation, I think I’ve found the sweet spot between having the least amount of air to act as suspension while also having enough air to make sure I don’t pinch flat or the roll on the rim, I am a heavy boy after all!

I also have learned to pick better lines without front or rear suspension. Before, I’d just point the bike down the hill and let the fork smooth out the chatter. But now, no can do. I’ve got to do that myself by picking smoother lines while coming down the hill. Sure it slows me down a little, but it has also helped me to learn to look ahead to see whats coming up and to adjust accordingly.

Not having a granny gear is nice on most occasions. The drivetrain is much simpler and cleaner looking that I’m considering running a 1×9 on my other bikes. I do occasionally miss the granny gear at times, especially on long nasty hills, but overall, I’m quite happy with my 9 gears. And, it seems to have made me stronger too.

The brief summary is that the Mono 9 has been a blast to ride. Having no suspension and less gears has been a lot easier to adapt to then I thought it would and I’m very thankful for that. If you get a chance to try either rigid, 1×9 or both you should really give it a roll. You just might find a quick way to save some money and enjoy your bike rides even more.

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