30 Haro Bikes STOLEN

This sucks:

From Jill, Haro’s Brand Manager:

Over the weekend (9/29-9/30), our trailer and rental Penske van were broken into while parked here at our Vista, CA headquarters. About 30 used mountain bikes were stolen that were used at Interbike On Dirt Demo last week. Whatever dirt bags did this knew that there were bikes back there since our gates are locked. They also cherry picked, leaving a few single speed rigid 29ers behind.

Anyhow, it’s sort of pointless to give a complete list with sizes, but here’s sort of the run down:

4 Werx Sonix (crema color)
1 Sonix LT (Grey)
5 Sonix S (copper)
4 Werx Xeons (Pearl White…2 have 650b wheels)
4 Xeon S (Grey)
3 Mary SS 29er (1 ginger, 1 lt blue, 1 green)
5 Mary XC 29er (4 tangerine, 1 green)
1 Thread One (green/black fade)
1 Flightline Expert (cream color)
1 alloy 29er hardtail prototype; black with green graphics, green RST M29 fork
1 Masi CXR cross bike (my personal bike)

If anyone has any information or sees Haro bikes listed anywhere, please let me know right away. Please spread the word. I can be reached at 800-289-4276.

MTBR Thread.

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