3 on a tandem and BMX action

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Today Breanna and I planned on heading out to do a little ride on the tandem. My youngest Aleah said she wanted to go, so I hooked up the Champion Trailer Bike to our tandem and made our little trek 3 times more fun.

While we were out on the trails, we saw some kids on BMX bikes and I asked them if they were heading to the jumps, if so I asked if I could go watch them. At first they looked at me funny but then I explained that I have a FreeAgent Team Limo and want to learn how to dirt jump. So they agreed and sure enough, these guys knew what they were doing.

As you’ll notice, these guys weren’t wearing helmets and I kept encouraging them to make sure that they do. Ok…now that I’ve done my PSA, enjoy these pics. I didn’t even get their names but they wanted to show of their skills. Unfortunately my camera sucks.

Right before I left I asked them if I can take a “serious” group shot. Cool kids…there’s something about teenagers not having fear….

RL Policar

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