Southridge Demo Day Recap

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Since we’ve got a couple more pictures from the Demo Day, I’m going to do a quick recap.

I was talking with my friend and he was thinking out loud that an ideal day mountain biking day would include riding really nice bikes that were all maintained, set up for you and everything worked perfectly. That’s what the demo day at Southridge was like.

Sweet bikes (and new ones in the case of the KHS XCT555 & Flagstaff) all ready for your disposal and a really fun course that happens to also have all day shuttle access to the top of the hill for $5/day. The only way it could have been any better is if we spent more time and came back for a second helping on Sunday.

Here’s the last of the pictures that we had:
KHS Flagstaff
Crawling up a hill on the KHS Flagstaff

KHS Flagstaff
A little small, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to ride one

KHS Flagstaff, Rock Shox Monarch
KHS Flagstaff sporting the new Rock Shox Monarch 2.1 shock

Turner Sultan, Kenda Nevegal
Turner rear tire clearance (currently has the 2.2 Kenda Nevegals)

Turner Sultan
Descending on the Turner Sultan

Turner Sultan
Frame Only? Yup, for $1895

Turner Sultan
Headtube junction

Turner Sultan
Yeah, I stopped on the trail to look at it. It’s so pretty

By the way, I’ve got to apologize to Lance. I should have taken more pictures of him, but I was having waaaay too much fun riding. Sorry dude. I promise to do better next time.

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