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So most of our humble little group will be racing the local Mt. SAC(San Antonio College) Fat Tire classic cross country race this coming Sunday. Everyone will be racing beginner and, No, I’m not a sandbagger. I’ve never done better than 3rd in a beginner race but I’m sure hoping I can do just that. Unlike previous races I’ve got some commuting miles under my belt, which means I should feel ready right? I sure don’t feel that way. I always find that I become more and more nervous as the time grows closer.

Recently I was reading an article in Bike magazine that went through interviews with 4 different professional racers from various disciplines, specifically questioning them about what they do the night before race day. I thought the professional XC racer’s was the most interesting and surprising. He said that before the Sea Otter and any other race he would always drink three Tecates(Mexican beer) before bed!!! What the? He said a good nights sleep was more important to him than anything else.

Man I don’t know if I’d have the outright balls or stamina to be able to do that but he makes an excellent point. I think I may drink a glass of wine Saturday night. Wine always seems to put me in a sleepy mood. That might be the best anxiety killing idea I’ve heard so far although I’m always open to suggestions.

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