Early Thursday Tech Tip: How to strip your bike’s paint Part II

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I’ve brushed the Woodstock 707 Frame to make it all shinny. I still have some spots to treat and remove old paint, but for the most part the frame is starting to look good. But from what Khoa told me, I can get that frame as reflective as a mirror if I use some elbow grease and Mother’s Aluminum Polish. Since I’m strapped for cashola, that portion of the project will have to wait. I’ve also learned that aluminum will oxidize..kinda like how silver tarnishes.

So here’s where I’m at. I reinstalled the rear triangle just to get an idea on how this will look.

I rebadged the 707 with some new stickers that I had in the garage…Now this bike is the KHS Bicycles…Full Suspension Evomo. hehe

Check out this decal that I had. This iron cross makes it look legit!

I still have a few more things in mind in getting this frame exactly the way I want. Stay tuned.

RL Policar

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2 thoughts on “Early Thursday Tech Tip: How to strip your bike’s paint Part II

  1. I sanded, and sanded, and sanded the paint off an old cruiser of mine. Wouldn’t recommend it. This spray paint stripper seems to be the way to go.

    BTW – I’d recommend a clear spray lacquer after you are done with the stickers. It should keep the aluminum from oxidizing AND keep those stickers looking good.

  2. This is prolly my favorite bike finish for an Al frame . My personal technique is to use a chemical stripper and stiff plastic brushes , so as to not scuff manufacturing marks from the frame and also to keep any prior oxidation intact . Why keep the oxide intact? When I was active service in US Navy Air , I was PQS qualified as sole corrosion control tech in my Squadron , and one thing I learned of Al is that if it is allowed to oxidize, the effect is minimal to a bright finish , and it will ‘seal’ itself from further surface oxidizing ! And to use an Al polish ,rubbing well after application , gives a good , shiny bonding surface for a clearcoat. So now you know how those old fighters and bombers maintained that mirror finish!
    Be Well , Ride On.

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