MtnBikeRiders Dedicates a Ride to Jay of Evomo

This past Saturday MtnBikeRiders rounded up the troops to hit the trails at Aliso Woods. On one of the invitations that I posted on the site, Jay, Trials Rider for Evomo commented…“Wish I lived closer to you guys, I’m sure we would all have a great time. Fill us in on how it goes.” Well when I read that all I could think of was this…

Aww…poor Jay…riding all by himself…

Not wanting to make anyone feel left out, we decided to dedicate our ride to our buddy Jay. Since he was all the way out in PA, I made sure we grabbed some fine images and video of of our “relaxed vibe” adventures.

Jeremy brought his fancy camera to take some shots cuz Khoa was off from his picture taking duties for the site. Jeremy armed with his gigantor digital SLR lugged that thing around just for you Jay! Cuz Jeremy always goes above and beyond.

We were graced by the presence of Flynn Ryan…he’s the dude that made 1st place in the Sport Div. at the Mt Sac Fat Tire Classic. This fella can ride. Just think of Lance’s speed and gutz…but on steroids…that’s how Flynn Ryan rides…the dude is pretty impressive. Not to down play Lance…cuz we’re just as impressed with his riding abilities.

Flynn Ryan

Here’s Moe with his “Anger Management” face…I think that Black Sabbath jersey is starting to influence him…

Is that the anarchy sign on his hand? I never knew a programmer to be so angry…

Here’s Priscilla enjoying the trails…mmmhhhmm 🙂

At one point Melissa’s bike had some problems. So Khoa and I got down and dirty and wrenched on her bike. One of the problems she had was her bottle cage was all crushed from a fall she had.So I tried to bend it back only to break into tiny little pieces in my hulk like hands. Don’t worry Melissa, I got you a brand new one…red!

So Jay, like I mentioned we did a video for you buddy. So scheck it out mang..

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