Tuesday Brews Day: Young’s (Luxury)Double Chocolate Stout

I don’t know what it is about chocolate but it’ll drive people crazy. Put a box of it down at work and it’ll be gone before you turn your head. I’m personally not a chocolate fan and never really have been, but Brews Day is bigger than my likes and dislikes. So today I’m biting the bullet and taking an objective(well relatively objective) look at a beer that I think the majority of people will like, unless your not a chocolate fan. Either way hop on the Brews Day train and let’s go!


Young’s (Luxury)Double Chocolate Stout is brewed in Wandsworth, England and has been since 1533! Yup this brewery has been around since the days of Queen Elizabeth I. In 1831 a fellar with the last name of Young purchased this ancient brewery and it’s been going strong ever since. Perhaps strong is an understatement. The brewery actually owns several hotels in the southern regions of Great Britain! With almost 500 years of brewing, it’s obvious they’ve had success with their techniques so let’s look at the final product.


There’s no mistaking what this stout’s goal is, just look at the name. As soon as you crack this puppy open you can smell the strong doses of chocolate that were used in the fermenting process. The initial taste is of, you guessed it, chocolate. You then catch a roasted malt flavor that pairs nicely with the rich chocolaty base and the drink finishes with a bitter barley aftertaste that’s not too harsh.


This stout is so “luxurious” they even use it in making a shaving soap!(above). Not sure if I’d want my face smelling like an Easter basket but okay. I’d say drink this with some type of sweet dessert or cookies. If you’re a chocolate lover you’ve come to the right place. Plus this drink is pretty easy to find so if you see it and you’ve got a hankerin’ for some candy…err beer, then pick one up!

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