SLIDER The UnScooter Review


Product Tested:
Slider The UnScooter

MSRP: $129.99 + Shipping & Handling

6-inch polyurethane wheels
Dual handle brakes
Sturdy steel construction
Action-Decks with drive-spring propulsion
Hand grip height 32�
250lbs weight limitation
Colors available: Black, Red, Blue, or Pink

Advertised as:

Patented Action-Deckâ„¢ Propulsion
Designed to propel you forward without your feet touching the ground.
3-Wheel Steering
Pivoting polyurethane wheels provide the most maneuverability, yet is more stable than 2-wheel scooters.
Dual Handle Brakes
Sturdy Steel Construction

Top View

During Interbike 07 we got a chance to chit chat with the cool people from Slider. They gave us a demo of how their product worked and even gave us the opportunity to test it out for them.

Drive Springs

The Slider is definitely one interesting piece of machinery. There are several things you could do propel yourself without having to touch the ground. I found a scissors action with my legs to be the easiest way to make it go. Simply push both your feet out then retract. It’s drive springs and pivoting wheels seen above would do the rest.


The Slider’s action deck combined with the back wheels ability to pivot 45 degrees gives you stability and awesome maneuverability. It’s stable enough that I could turn 180 degrees when riding at full speed. You just have to lean into the turn and counter steer the front wheel.

45 degrees

Strengths: Such a super fun ride! It only takes a few minutes of riding before you‘re thinking of tricks to do. It’s affordable. MSRP for this particular model is $129.99. Trikke one it’s competitor is asking $369.99 for a similar item.

Break down

Weakness: During the test period, a weld on the right action deck broke causing it’s rear wheels to be uneven. I noticed it after my brother RL and I were riding it around his neighborhood. I spoke with George Tarrab one of the Slider’s representatives about the problem. He told me that it might have just been a fluke on this particular Slider. He then assured me that their 6 month warranty would cover any type of problems a customer would have with their Slider.

Broken weld

“We will of course warranty the unit by providing new rear caster assemblies with upgraded bearings, but will also include a new set of wheels to freshen the unit up for the customer’s trouble…â€? said Mr. Tarrab. It’s good to hear a representative of a company stand behind their product.

uneven tires

Summary: The Slider is definitely a fun ride! Everyone who jumps on this bad boy instantly falls in love with it. It only takes a few minutes to get used to before you’re out there riding it like a pro. This is a must have piece of equipment. I actually plan on ordering one of the smaller models for my daughter.

For more info check out the SLIDER the UnScooter site.

5 Replies to “SLIDER The UnScooter Review”

  1. Do you guys accept orders (you state a price on the site)or do you just give comments on the unscooter. I am interested in purchasing one and the sites that I looked at have prices that are much higher than the $129 that you mentioned.

  2. Only a 6 month warranty?!! The length of a product’s warranty speaks directly to the manufacturer’s faith in said product’s integrity. Add to that the fact that a weld broke during a test and you’ve got:


    I was prepared to order 3 of these for my kids, but I’m going to get them new bicycles instead. I won’t touch something with less than a 12 month warranty. These must be poor quality.

  3. I purchased one from Amazon. So far, so good. You will need to find some smooth pavement, parking lot, or sidewalk to get a good ride. I’m using it to get back into shape after a knee injury. It has been great for toning legs, hips, core and arms. Overall a good work out both for toning and cardio.

  4. WOW ! I just got my slider and within 10 minutes had it going full tilt. Havn’t had this much fun since the roller rink on Saturdays back in grade school. No big deal huh ? Well the roller rink days were back in the late 50’s. I’m pushing 62, and not very athletic. Can’t wait to show it to all my “Senior” Girlfriends. Thanks Unscooter.

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