Tuesday Brews Day: Delirium Noel

A few weeks back one of our regulars, Jeremy, suggested I try this holiday brew. Being a dedicated beer investigator, I grabbed one up while trying not to wince at the $9 pricetag(one bottle). I’m going to preface my review by admitting that I am not a fan of Belgian ales. That being said, I do fiddle with a beer review blog with a friend of mine and am always down to try new brews. It’s become essential that I reserve my opinion, at all times, until after I’ve tried something. Hey, just because I may not like certain beers doesn’t mean that it won’t be right for somebody.

This month we’ll be taking a look at holiday brews. Yup, it’s winter and with it comes an onslaught of holiday concoctions aimed at warming your toes. So let’s take a look at the first of the bunch.

All pink elephants like to ski

SPRL Brasserie Léon Huyghe is the producer of this beer and was named so after Leon Huyghe bought it in 1902 although the brewery has been in existence since 1654. These beautiful copper tanks, although no longer in use, are a part of the brewery hall which serves as a museum these days. In 1997 the brewery reached their peak of fame when their Delirium Tremens was voted best beer in the world. Their “Noel” is one of three of their winter beers.

It’s okay to cry…that’s a beautiful thing

The Noel has a cloudy reddish-brown look to it with a foamy white head. Whoa, slow down there. This brew packs a 10% punch so be ready to get buzzed. It tastes of fruits(as most Belgian ales do) and winter spices. What really threw me for a loop was the potent yeast aftertaste that slaps you silly. This is the trait that is so prevalent in Belgian brews. It ends up almost tasting like a strong yeast flavored vinegar. While delicious for some, this brew just didn’t toot my horn. My wife actually enjoyed it and said it had a really warming aftertaste. And, yes, I was definitely feeling delirious post drink.

A pre tie-caught-in-the-bottling-machine photo

Belgian ale fans will flock to this holiday treat but it just didn’t agree with my likes. But don’t take this as a knock on this brew. In it’s own way, it’s obviously a magnificent beer and has the accolades to back it up. This one will definitely keep you warm on a cold, rainy night. And hey, if you’ve ever seen Dumbo you know that pink elephants know how to party! My guess is that’s the same guy who was rubbing his ass with with the towel. Oh yes, he knows how to get down.


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