“High-End Bicycle Like No Other”

We had a chance to hold this Arantix frame at Interbike. Incredibly light and strong! I think RL even stood on the frame to give it the mtnbikeriders stamp of approval. lol. They will only be producing 200 of these bikes worldwide in 2008 and it takes approx 300 hours to build one of these bad boys!

Check out the story on this 12k bike from the Salt Lake Tribune:

‘High-end’ bicycle like no other
$11,995 buys you the hand-woven Arantix

It isn’t just the $11,995 price that makes this mountain bike remarkable.
The Arantix, developed by Delta 7 Sports in Payson through a technology-transfer license with Brigham Young University, looks like it was spun by a spider on steroids and attracts long looks wherever it goes.
“It’s surprising that it rides as well as it looks. You wouldn’t think it could stand up to a [grueling] mountain bike ride. But once you get on it, all your doubts are washed away,” said Dan Weller, an expert racer who pedaled Arantix in Bountiful’s Mueller Park two months ago.
The unusual bike is believed to be the world’s first frame made from carbon fibers and Kevlar strings hand-woven into see-through lattice tubes that are billed as being lighter and stronger than any other bike on the market, said Lester Muranaka, Delta 7’s director of marketing and sales.
“As far as comparisons to other bikes, it’s going to be on the high end. I don’t believe there is a more expensive bike out there,” Muranaka said.
The frame tips the scales at 2.75 pounds, putting it into an elite class of bikes with featherweight frames. But there’s a difference. Frames under 3 pounds are typically pedaled by riders whose weight can be no more than about 150 pounds……


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