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I have two helmets that are getting an extreme make over. They are both getting a custom paint job. But I’m not sure on which design to get.

So I have one of these FreeAgent helmets.

I was thinking about getting it to look like an Evel Knievel helmet…you know red white blue with stars and stripes.
But ofcourse mine will say “RL” instead of EVEL…

Then I have a full face helmet that is also getting the special treatment. I was thinking of having it made to look like Optimus Prime…But I think that might be too gay.

Or…I can have the helmet made to look like my face! This guy had the right idea…

I really don’t want anything trendy. Basically I want it to be different and of course stand out. So if you have some neat design you want to suggest, feel free to leave a comment.

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