Tuesday Brews Day: Shelton Brothers, Santa’s Butt

So I’m walking through the local brew store and happened upon this interesting little bottle. Ya, I’m a sucker for a funny beer label. What also caught my eye was that it was a Porter. Most holiday brews tend to be ales so I was more than happy to be back with a dark beer, where I belong. I missed you too Porter.

Don’t be afraid, it’s really good

Porters were named after their popularity with 18th Century river and street porters in London. Porters generally use dark malts in the brewing process and a stronger Porter would be considered a Stout. Guinness actually used to call their Stout an “Extra Superior Porter”. Enough with history lesson right! Well this Porter comes straight from the good old UK out of the Shelton Brothers Brewery. They actually produce a “Butt Porter” year round but this is their holiday rendition.


This brew starts with a surprisingly light mouthfeel considering it’s dark body. Malts and oats are mainly used to create the gentle but warming flavors. Along with these comes the taste of subtle winter spices that are gentle but pleasant. This is definitely a holiday brew you’ll want to come back to over and over. If you’re a fan of darker drinks this one won’t let you down. And even if you’re not, it’s only 6% alcohol so you won’t be paying for it the next morning.

Half empty?

And if you’re wondering, the word “butt” actually refers to a large, 108 imperial gallon(~129.7 US gallons) cask that’s used to condition ales. Who knew?

There. Made it through the entire post without a butt joke. That was tough! I had this one after the Turnbull ride on Saturday morning and it was just the right drink after a windy, cold ride. Also(I should have mentioned this before) when you’re drinking your stronger and more flavorful holiday beers it’s best to let them warm slightly after coming out of the fridge. The cold tends to mask a lot of the taste so be patient and you’ll be rewarded. You’ll really be surprised at how much more tasty your drink is. Keep a look out for Santa’s Butt and grab it if you see it. Ah crap.

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