Full Suspension Single Speed Update

Pricepoint.com stepped up and sent me the Sette Single Speed Conversion Kit. I received it Friday and I was riding on it on Saturday and Sunday.

I’m happy to report after riding with the Sette Single Speed kit, I didn’t experience skipping or any type of issues with the drive train. I used the 18t cog in the back, previous to that, I ran a 17 cassette cog that would occasionally skip. But with this new kit, I was riding smooth the whole time.

The Yess Pro Full Suspension Single Speed Chain Tensioner…phew..that’s a long name…it has been a dream. Though I had to McGyver the tensioner to make it work on my bike. I simply added some washers between the tensioner and the drop out. Due to my chain line, the tensioner would sit too far in and cause the chain to ride on top of the lip of the roller which would then skip and make tons of noise. Once the washers were in place, no issues. In fact it works REALLY well!

You can barely see the washers between the dropout/hanger and the tensioner.
full suspension single speed tensioner

As of today, I have NOT broke anything, the Sette single speed kit and the Yess Pro Tensioner have been working better than I expected.

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